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Bishop Peak and downtown San Luis Obispo

As a Valentine’s/Chinese New Year’s Day hike, I decided on a local trail near the city of San Luis Obispo before my long return drive to San Diego.  The trailhead is right off the freeway and can be easily missed so beware.  It was really windy when I parked my car around 7:00am and I was glad I had my windbreaker with me.  There are two routes to the peak and I took the route that wraps around the west side of the mountain.  When reaching the fork near the red bridge, bear left and continue past the gate.  From there you’ll ascend up the west face and you’ll come around in view of Bishop Peak, another popular hike, but I didn’t do because it was too crowded.  I loved how the fog hugged the mountain ranges and was really glad I concluded my trip with views of the city.  As I returned to the parking lot, a mountain biker asked whether I had bricks in my backpack.  I said I didn’t know how long the hike was going to be and I later realized that all one needs is a water bottle and a camera, but since I was from out of town I had my 10 hiking essentials just in case.  Thank you San Luis Obispo for a great weekend!

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