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On my hikes and backpacking trips I always bring along Clif bars.  They do a pretty good job of giving me long-lasting energy.  To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the company came out with a new flavor inspired by Gary’s, the founder, bike rides in Italy.   It’s called Gary’s Panforte.  I’ve never had a panforte before, but I am really fond of fruit and nut baked goods with spices.  When I saw the announcement I quickly ordered several bars from REI as this is a limited edition and they were selling out quickly.  Within a few days I received the package excited about the new flavor.  The following day, after my long walk to work that morning, I had my first Gary’s Panforte.  I can’t compare it to the Italian version, but I liked it very much.  It’s not overly sweet and it has a soft texture to it.  There seems to be more fruit and nuts than flour.  Overall, I’m glad I purchased several bars as I will be enjoying these throughout the summer.

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