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Book Review

A couple of months ago I read an excellent book about maps, Maphead, by Ken Jennings.  This is not a book about hiking, but as hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, we look at maps all the time.  Maphead is a very intriguing book and once I started I couldn’t finish reading it.  It covers a wide range of topics including geocaching, the low performance on geography tests in the United States, the art of collecting maps, the National Geographic Bee competitions, GPS devices, world travelers, and digital map making.  Jennings is both informative and witty in his approach to the subject matter.  I highly recommend this book!

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On Friday the 30th of December I went on my last hike of 2011.  I met up with the photographers Hans and Alex for an exploratory hike of the Domelands in Imperial County, CA.  We found some really interesting slot canyons, mud caves, and huge boulders!  Hence, there was lots of scrambling.  It’s definitely a place worth visiting if one is interested in exploring desert geology.  Here are a few pictures.

In the canyon

Hans taking a photo


Lost souls in the canyon

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