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On Sunday of Labor Day weekend my mom and I hit the road at 5:45am to bag San Jacinto Peak.  The San Jacinto Wilderness is one of our favorite places to hike in southern California.  This would be our first time to the peak from Humber Park, around 15-16 miles round trip.  Humber Park is always a popular spot and with the long weekend I knew we would have to arrive early.  We reached the ranger station around 7:15am to pick up our permits and by 7:30am we were on the Devil’s Slide Trail. 

Morning light in Idyllwild

The weather was perfect!  Already in the low 60s with clear skies.  After 10 minutes we were already stripping layers.  My mom was familiar with the trail so I felt comfortable going on ahead of her.  At least that’s what I thought.  When I reached Saddle Junction I took a break and waited for my hiking buddy.  After 10 minutes I sensed something was amiss.  I went back down to see if I could see her coming up but she was nowhere in sight.  I asked a couple of hikers if they passed an older woman with a beige hat, but no one had seen her.  Then I figured she had gone off trail as there was a section where one could veer to the right thinking it was the trail.  I yelled her name and I didn’t hear a response.  I went back to the junction and I still didn’t see her.  Then I saw her coming up.  I asked what had happened and sure enough she had gone off trail.  Another hiker overheard our conversation and he said the same thing happened to his friend at the same spot.  Relieved that she found the trail and each other, we continued on.  The views were spectacular! 

View of range an beyond

On the trail

Around 10am or so we took a snack break and soaked in the sun.  We didn’t see to many people on this portion of the trail.  It wasn’t until we passed Wellman’s Divide that we saw more people, as they were coming from the tram station.  And by 12:30pm we were at the peak.  It was crowded in comparison to the last time I was there which was in February of 2009.  By the way, snow shoeing to the peak was a lot of fun!  Mom ate her lunch and took pictures. 

On San Jacinto Peak

With San Gorgonio in sight from our lunch spot, we discussed the possibility of bagging it sometime.  She wants to do it on her birthday.  That would be a great way to spend one’s birthday!  Hopefully the weather won’t be too bad in mid-October.  After refueling we headed back down.  We felt pretty good. 

Looking east

By 4:15 we were back at Humber Park.  And I forgot to display my Adventure Pass.  After drinking green tea and eating dark chocolate from our cooler, I was caffeinated enough to drive back to San Diego.  With no sore muscles the next day we just might be able to do San Gorgonio in one shot.

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