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Saturday early morning found my mom and me en route to the San Bernardino Mountains.  She had never been there before and I wanted to bring her here before school started.  We left San Diego around 5:45am with a stop at a coffee shop (name declined to preserve integrity) near UC Riverside to fuel up on caffeine and carbs.  After passing through Mentone, we stopped at the Mill Creek Ranger station for permits.  The lot was already full with day hikers and cyclists.  I had no intention of bagging San Gorgonio that day.  Instead I planned to take the Foresee Trail which was recommended to me by another hiker.  Passing through Angelus Oaks we made a right turn onto Jenks Lake Road.  There is a bit of driving on a dirt road, but a high-clearance vehicle is not necessary.  The lot was almost full.  We started hiking just shy of 8:30am.  And it was chilly!  The previous week the temperatures in San Diego were in the high 80s-low 90s.  I checked the current temperature and it said 55!  And with the wind it felt even colder.  Fortunately I was prepared as I had my fleece with me, but a thermos of hot chocolate or ginger tea would have been nice.  It was a clear beautiful day and the smell of the Jeffrey pines was intoxicating.  Despite the lot being full, we only saw 4 hikers on the trail the entire day.  With my new GPS (review forthcoming) I was able to keep track of the elevation gain and mileage.  The views of the valley, San Gabriel Mountains, and Big Bear Lake were spectacular.  When we reached Anderson Flat we stopped for lunch and tried to keep ourselves warm from the chilly wind.  I wanted to continue on, but with the 2-hour drive to San Diego, we decided to head back.  It was much warmer on the descent.  Mom was impressed with the area and even talked of bagging San Gorgonio one day!  When we reached the lot I read my GPS and it said we covered 12.5 miles with an elevation gain of about 4,100 feet.  We have much training to do before San Gorgonio! 

View of San Gabriel Mountains from Foresee Trail

View of Big Bear Lake

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